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Accept credit card payments directly on your mobile phone or browser.

Get paid through your mobile or browser. If you’re selling products or services, whether you're at home or out and about, all you need is a Stripe account and an account with us here at StriCard and you can start charging your customers. Oh- and as an added bonus we're SCA-Compliant and PCI-Compliant too!

No matter how small, or big you are StriCard can facilitate your payment needs.

If you need more than one account get in touch with us as we can link multiple accounts together.

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StriCard App

A robust payment solution for all devices

StriCard offers an easy to use interface to quickly receive payments. StriCard can be used simply by using a browser, or via the app. This gives you the ability to be anywhere, and accept payments from customers when you need!

You can log in directly via this website and begin charging your customers instantly as well as downloading our Android / iOS apps!

No monthly fees!

That's right, no monthly fees- no upfront costs and nothing on top.

Here at StriCard, our fee is simple- 0.5% on top of Stripe's service charge, per transaction.

But, what does that look like?

Stripes fees are below :

1.4% + 20p for European cards per transaction

2.9% + 20p for non-European cards per transaction

We simply add 0.5% to these fees!

Oh, and our fees- they're adjustable

Our fees are adjustable, that means that if you're a customer that perhaps makes a lot of payments regularly or perhaps a new startup company. We're happy to discuss lower fees- as we know every penny helps.